Road transport

Road transport is the most often chosen method of transporting the goods. Developed infrastructure of the roads gives an opportunity to get goods all around the Europe and Middle East. You are very welcome to check our offer closer

Specialized transport

We offer our clients specialized domestic and international road transport. We will take care of each load, regardless of its type, weight or dimensions. We will ensure timely and professional implementation of orders thanks to experienced team and ready-made solutions – having our own fleet in this industry is our unquestionable advantage. Our specialized offer includes, among others:

Oversized transport

Refrigerated transport

(hook coolers, multi temperature and double stock)

Transportation by tankers

(food, fuel and chemical)

Full truck loads transport

We have tarpaulins at your disposal:





We will transport household appliances, spare parts, machines, audio / video devices, furniture, building materials, metallurgical products, steel, wood, paper, sports ammunition, waste, hazardous materials, cables in reels and much more.

Groupage service

We carry out shipments throughout Europe

We know how important timeliness and professional approach is to you. As part of the groupage service, we will transport goods of any shape and size for you – We are flexible and time available.

You will reduce transport costs with us

All you need to do is to submit a groupage transport order and the required delivery time. Leave the rest to us – we will pick up the goods from you or from the indicated place and deliver it to the destination within the prescribed period.

The delivery time is 7-8 days

We carry out the planned collection of the shipment within 48 hours, then we transport the goods to our terminal in the selected country. Within the next 72 hours, we reach the partner terminal in the destination country, from where we send the goods to the indicated place for a maximum of 48 hours.

Premium express service

Urgent implementation? Do you need reliable and express transport on time? Our experienced team offers the option of ordering an express service. LAGO is at your service.

We offer the support of a dispatcher available 24/7, who will keep you informed about the status of the shipment.

We carry out express transports using dedicated vehicles, we will also deal with an urgent order for loading.

What makes us extraordinary?

We have our own fleet, we will deliver your goods safely to the destination.

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