We carry out shipments on the Poland – Finland route. We will transport goods of all kinds, of all sizes and weights. The customer doesn’t need to have a dimensional parcel to report us about his demand. We are flexible, we do not require any regularity, we can handle any cargo.

How it works?
We need 2 days for pick up. Within 48 hours from the date of placing the order, we will substitute a truck, we will pick up goods and transport the them to our terminal in Gdynia or Warsaw.

The groupage line assumes a 3-day delivery time from Warsaw to Helsinki. From Helsinki to the destination, the goods will go from 24h to 48 hours. The transit time is about 7 days in general.

What advantages will you get?
The service requires prior notification of shipment and reconciliation of the delivery date, which results in a reduction of transport costs in your company. In the case of express delivery is needed go to the Ekspres tab.

Our network consists of professional partners, which means that you do not have to worry about the goods.


We are able to state the status of the shipment to the late night hours.