Lago Logistics Sp. z o.o. is a forwarding company whose Finnish mother company has been on the market since 1984. Due to its huge potential and specialized team,the company is developing at a very fast tempo.

We provide:
– partner arrangement
– constant contact with the forwarder,
– permanent employment,
– high mileage,
– timely payments.

We require:
– reliability,
– keeping delivery dates,
– permanent contact with the driver,
– a reliable fleet.

We offer:
– permanent employment,
– work on permanent or different routes – we are flexible and we would like to offer for our carriers(ferrymen) such conditions that will satisfy them,
– driver and vehicle safety (monitoring systems),
– mileage above 10,000 km per month,
– timely payments

In our company you will receive all necessary tools to continue the development. We provide stable employment.

We focus on hard work and we
don’t forget about friendly atmosphere which is built during joint trips and departures.

Our individual approach will help you in finding out the area where
you are the best!